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This is: Tasmanian Devils (2010)


Accommodation on this trip was a mixture of regular hotels and, for Tasmania itself, a rather more unusual series of self-catering cottages.

InOutNightsLocation Accommodation
14-May 15-May1 Heathrow Airport Crowne Plaza
15-May 18-May 3Stresa La Palma
18-May 19-May1FLYING
19-May 20-May 1 Sydney Airport Holiday Inn
20-May 21-May 1 Sydney InterContinental
21-May 22-May 1 Blue Mountains Lilianfels
22-May 24-May 2 Sydney Westin
24-May 26-May 2 Branxholm Tin Dragon Trail Cottages
26-May 28-May 2 Hobart Corinda's Cottages
28-May 30-May 2 Strahan Strahan Colonial Cottages
30-May 31-May 1 Sydney Westin
31-May 01-Jun 1 FLYING

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