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This is: Tasmanian Devils (2010)

Accommodation 7

Tin Dragon Trail Cottages, Branxholm

The Tin Dragon Trail Cottages are remotely situated on farmland near the village of Branxholm, in the north-eastern corner of Tasmania - a handy location for exploring the Wine Trail and not too far from Launceston. The cottage names celebrate the Chinese tin-mining heritage of the local area. Ah Moy was a comfortable two-bedroom cottage featuring a modern and highly effective gas heater in the main open-plan lounge / kitchen / vestibule area. Generous breakfast provisions were provided. Lasting memories will include the sound of total silence after nightfall, waking up to the sight of South American alpacas as neighbours, and the delicious taste of freshly-laid farm eggs.

In: Mon 24 May 2010
Out: Wed 26 May 2010
Nights: 2
Ah Moy

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