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This is: Tasmanian Devils (2010)


Some swift and decisive action was required after the trip was underway in order to eliminate - or at least, significantly reduce - the risk posed by the ash cloud from Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull which, together with the on-going cabin crew strike saga at British Airways, was threatening to make my plans unravel before my eyes.

  DayDateFlight NoFromDepToArrAircraftCabinSeat
1 Fri 14-May BD63EDI 1855 LHR 2020 320Y 8A
2 Sat 15-May LX317 LHR 0850 ZRH 1135 320J 1F
3 Sat 15-May LX1628 ZRH 1225 MXP 1315 100J 1A
  Tue 18-May LX1617 MXP 1110 ZRH 1210 Unacceptable risk of
  Tue 18-May LX324 ZRH 1530 LHR 1610
  Tue 18-May BA9 LHR 2200 BKK 1515+1
  Wed 19-May BA9 BKK 1810 SYD 0605+1
4 Tue 18-May EK94 MXP 1530 DXB 2335 77W J 8K
5 Wed 19-May EK414 DXB 0215 SYD 2210 77L J 8A
6 Mon 24-May DJ1152 SYD 1255 LST 1440 73G Y 18C
7 Sun 30-May DJ1155 LST 1510 SYD 1645 738 Y 24C
8 Mon 31-May TG478 SYD 1525 BKK 2155 346 F 2A
9 Tue 01-Jun TG910 BKK 0110 LHR 0715 744 F 1A
10 Tue 01-Jun BD56 LHR 1225 EDI 1350 320 Y+ 1A

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