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This is: Tasmanian Devils (2010)

Hotel 2

La Palma, Stresa

While it isn't the grandest of lakeside properties in Stresa, La Palma isn't a bad choice and it was certainly kinder to the travel budget in times of near parity between the Euro and the Pound Sterling. The public areas are magnificent, the rather olde worlde dining room in particular looking as if it belonged in one the hotel's more palatial neighbours. Unfortunately, the rooms were decidedly ordinary in terms of size, decor and - worst of all - the poor standard of sound-proofing.

The hotel attracts its fair share of coach parties, the good news here being that this tends to be a relatively quiet clientele whose chosen travelling style involves an early to bed, early to rise routine that is very much in tune with my own preferences.

In: Sat 15 May 2010
Out: Tue 18 May 2010
Nights: 3
Room: 203

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