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April 2012: Avignon

The small city of Avignon lies on the east bank of the river Rhône in Provence, just under 100km north-east of Montpellier. Its exceptionally well-preserved old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Remarkably, Avignon was the seat of the papacy for much of the 14th Century, at a time of schism in the Roman Catholic church, and no fewer than seven popes presided from here. The Palais des Papes remains the principal tourist attraction.

I loved Avignon and felt that I had barely started to do it justice in the short time that was available to me on this trip. It remains on my famous list!

Sur le pont d'Avignon

The celebrated bridge of the children's song is the Pont Saint-Bénezet, of which only four arches remain standing, on the Avignon side of the river.

Base: Hotel d’Europe

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