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April 2012: Nîmes and the Camargue

Saturday morning and afternoon were spent outside Montpellier, first in Nîmes, then at Aigues-Mortes and finally out in the Camargue itself. It proved to be a full, varied and interesting day and allowed everyone to work up a healthy appetite for dinner!


The small city of Nîmes dates from Roman times. It is a popular tourist destination because of its Roman history, the centrepiece of which is a well-preserved amphitheatre dating from AD2. The amphitheatre was not open on the day of our visit, but it hardly mattered: the whole city centre appeared to have been taken over by latter-day 'Romans' in full costume, making for a real tourist spectacle.


Aigues-Mortes - the name means literally 'dead waters' - is a walled town in the Petite Camargue. There was time for a quick look around prior to the afternoon's main activities.

Camargue Boat Trip

The group split into two at this point. Some of us took a boat trip through the canals, which was enjoyable despite the exceptionally windy conditions, while the others undertook some off-road exploration by jeep.


The boat trip ended with a short stop at a small ranch, where some well-dressed Camargue cowboys - including some of very tender years! - rounded up recalcitrant young bulls for the cameras.

Setting off

The day started at Montpellier St-Roch station.

Base: Holiday Inn, Montpellier

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