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June 2008 : Island Do 3 : Orkney

Following the Barra Beach-Landing Party of 2005 and Island Do 2 (Islay) in 2007, the chosen venue for Island Do 3 was Orkney. It wasn't meant to happen until 2009, but the impending cessation of Loganair's BA Franchise justified bringing it forward.


Friday's sightseeing began with a visit to the extraordinary Italian Chapel on the tiny island of Lamb Holm, a place of worship created by Italian prisoners of war, from the unlikely raw material of a Nissen hut. This was followed by a beach stop - not for sunbathing! - and a drive to Deerness, then a quick visit to the airport to pick up more Do attendees. I then had time for an introductory look around Kirkwall prior to dinner.


Saturday brought some very poor weather   Still, you just have to get on with it, don't you? I started by looking round the inside of the former cathedral, now owned by the local council and used for parish worship by the Church of Scotland. After the charter flight, we visited the standing stones known as the Ring of Brodgar and the world-famous, preserved Neolithic village of Skara Brae. To round off a rather wet afternoon, we visited the narrow streets of the Orkney Mainland's second town, Stromness.


Sunday morning brought some of the best weather of the trip. I managed a final look around Kirkwall in the much-improved conditions before a visit to the Highland Park distillery.

Reason for visit : FT Do

Based at : Ayre Hotel, Kirkwall

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