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Flight Log : June 2008 : BA8891

BA8891 Edinburgh (EDI) - Kirkwall (KOI)

Boarding started remarkably early. It was a long walk to Gate 16 in the new pier and some of our group had only just arrived. With well over half an hour to the schduled departure time,  were already being treated to 'Would the last few remaining passengers ...' announcements, not once but twice! Our aircraft was G-LGNF and it was one of many already bearing Flybe colours in preparation for the new franchise that would come into operation with the winter timetable. I boarded and took my favourite seat 2A, right by the door and - crucially for someone who likes taking photographs - ahead of the propeller.

There was a delay after our group boarded until a final family group appeared, but we still managed pushback at 0932, comfortably ahead of schedule. We taxied out to the south-easterly runway and were airborne by 0943. Despite my best-laid plans, there were very few photographic opportunities due to the thick cloud cover. I just sat back - well, as best one can in a Saab - and enjoyed my coffee and delicious Walker's biscuits.

There were a few welcome gaps in the clouds as we made our descent into KOI, where we touched down at 1043 for a 1046 arrival on stand.


Date : Fri 27 Jun 2008
Aircraft : Saab 340
Scheduled dep : 0940
Actual departure : 0932
Scheduled arrival : 1100
Actual arrival : 1046
Cabin : Economy

Seat : 2A

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