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Flight Log : June 2008 : Loganair Charter

The undoubted highlight of Island Do 3 was a spot of island-hopping on a chartered Loganair Islander. This activity proved so popular that it happened on both Saturday and Sunday, with a group of eight taking part each day. The schedule was constructed to include the world's shortest scheduled flight, WRY-PPW, which is timetabled at 2 minutes. One of our group timed the sector and we did it in 1 minute, 11 seconds! Although our flights were a charter operation, Loganair still provided us with commemorative certificates to verify that we had taken the world's shortest scheduled flight - a very nice touch

Unfortunately the Saturday flights were impaired to an extent by poor weather, but as we kept below cloud level, it wasn't as detrimental as it possibly sounds. In any event, nothing could diminish the sense of adventure, including a wonderful low pass over the cliffs on the west coast of Westray, on the first sector.

Sector 1

Sector 2

Sector 3

Date : Sat 28 Jun 2008
Aircraft : Britten Norman Islander

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