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June 2016: Bratislava

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is located on the southwestern extremity of that country - on the Austrian border, less than 70km from Vienna. As such, it makes a perfect day excursion from the Austrian capital. I made my first visit during a particularly cold spell in October 2007. Today's trip, apart from allowing me to update my impressions nearly nine years on, had three significant new aspects:

  - it would allow Bruce to chalk up another European country and capital;
  - it would take place in warm, summer sunshine;
  - we had arranged to make the outbound journey by Danube riverboat. 

Incidentally, Bratislava also lies on Slovakia's border with Hungary, and it may be the only capital city in the world to lie on two foreign borders. With Slovakia, Austria and Hungary all being signatories to the Schengen Agreement, however, border formalities were the last thing on anyone's mind.

Reflecting, I suspect, the visits of most day-trippers, we concentrated our efforts on Bratislava Castle and the attractive Old Town district.


Old Town

Day trip from Vienna

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