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October 2007 : Bratislava

On 26 October - Austrian National Day, as I later found out - I made a day trip by train to nearby Bratislava, capital of Slovakia. In doing so, I chalked up my one and only new country for 2007. I wondered if I had made a mistake on arrival, as the area around the railway station is nothing to write home about. (In fairness, this is true of most cities.) However I quickly found a signpost for the 'Historic Centre', and was soon in the attractive old town area. The city has something of a small town feel for a European capital; indeed it felt somewhat incongruous as I stumbled across one embassy or consulate after another. Once again, the weather was cold and dismal, but at least it stayed dry.

Given that it's really not a huge city, I felt that the day trip idea had proved to be just about right.