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July 2015: Malmö

The city of Malmö is situated about 30km north of the southwestern tip of Sweden's Scania region (Swedish: Skåne), facing Copenhagen across the Øresund channel. The opening of the Øresund Bridge in July 2000 transformed this part of Scandinavia, creating the transnational Øresund Region, also known as the 'Copenhagen-Malmö Metropolitan Area'. Malmö is a little over half the size of its new Danish partner, with an approximate population of 320,000 people in the city itself. Once heavily industrialised, the city struggled following the decline of its traditional economy, but the arrival of the bridge has brought a new commercial impetus and has made the city much more accessible to visitors.

The old town area of Malmö is completely enclosed by a canal and contains the twin squares of Stortorget and Lilla torg, with the Old City Hall and St Peter's Church. The areas directly north of the old town (around the station) and to the south of it (around the St Johannes church) are also attractive.

North of the Old Town
Malmö Old Town
South of the Old Town

Is it a bus? Is it a tram?

It's a bus. It looks as though the local transport authority has been trying to bring Malmö some of the benefits of trams, but without all that costly infrastructure.

Base: Renaissance

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