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July 2015: Helsingør

Helsingør is a small city on the Danish island of Zealand (Danish: Sjælland), approximately 45km north of Copenhagen. Helsingør faces the Swedish town of Helsingborg across the Øresund channel and regular ferries connect the two. Helsingør also forms the Danish terminus of the Øresundståg rail network which runs down the eastern side of Zealand before crossing the Øresund Bridge and heading northwards through Sweden.

Helsingør's main attraction is Kronborg Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, now part of the wider Kulturhavn Kronborg. Apart from being an outstanding Renaissance castle in its own right, Kronborg was also immortalised by Shakespeare as Elsinore Castle (an anglicised version of Helsingør), in his play Hamlet.

Base: Hilton Copenhagen Airport

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