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April 2009 : Bamberg

Bamberg is located in Upper Franconia, about 60km north of Nuremberg. It stands on the river Regnitz, close to where it flows into the Main. Like Regensburg, it was virtually unharmed during the Second World War and its medieval Old Town now enjoys UNESCO World Heritage Site status. In this traveller's opinion, Bamberg is right up there alongside Dresden, as a candidate for the most attractive town in Germany.

Although the Old Town area in general sent my camera into overdrive, the undoubted highlight was the Old Town Hall, which stands right in the middle of the river!

Domberg and Jakobsberg

Like Rome, Bamberg is built on seven hills. The cathedral sits high above the main Old Town area, on one of these hills. Keep climbing after seeing the cathedral and you end up on Jakobsberg, which is higher still.


Another of the hills is home to the impressive St Michael's Monastery complex.

And after all that hill climbing, on a warm day, in a town that's famous for its micro-breweries ...

Base : None (day trip from Nuremberg)

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