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May 2007 : Dresden

Prior to this trip, I felt that I knew many parts of what used to be West Germany - and of course Berlin - reasonably well. The former East Germany, on the other hand, was more of a mystery to me. So when BA launched its new service to Dresden, I was keen to seize the opportunity to visit the historic capital of Saxony. Although I'd set my expectations high, in the event they were exceeded. In my opinion, Dresden is right up there among the most beautiful cities in Europe. The glorious Spring sunshine helped as well.

My one regret is that, having done so much walking during the day while I was there, I couldn't quite persuade myself to go out again to see the historic buildings floodlit by night. You know where this is going, don't you? I'll just have to go back!

Old Town

Elbe Cruise to Pillnitz

I spent Sunday afternoon making a boat trip on the Elbe to Pillnitz, where the main attraction is the famous Schloss Pillnitz, a curious blend of Teutonic and Japanese influences.


The Zwinger, a collection of galleries and pavilions in Baroque style, vies with the Frauenkirche for the accolade of Dresden's best-known landmark.

Base : Westin Bellevue

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