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April 2009 : Regensburg

Regensburg, capital of the Bavarian region of Oberpfalz, lies about 110km to the south-east of Nuremberg, on the Danube. Like Nuremberg, it has a large, medieval Old Town district. Unlike that city, however, Regensburg survived the Second World War virtually unscathed. The surviving medieval area now enjoys UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

The Old Chapel

Situated almost in the cathedral's shadow, in the Corn Market, the Alte Kapelle could all too easily be overlooked. This would be an unfortunate mistake, however, as its dazzling, over-the-top interior is one of the city's great highlights.


St Peter's Cathedral is the centrepiece of the Old Town, towering high above all other buildings.


Base : None (day trip from Nuremberg)

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