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October 2005 : Copenhagen

I will probably always have something of a soft spot for Copenhagen, as it was the first European capital - apart from Edinburgh, of course - that I ever visited, as part of my first trip overseas in 1967. As my only other visit had been in 1992 - now itself a fading memory! - I thought it was about time I reacquainted myself with the city.

City Centre

City Hall is generally considered to be the focal point of Copenhagen.

With its unusual tower, the Palace Hotel seems to be impudently challenging the City Hall for dominance of the square.

The Round Tower is attached to Trinity Church, in the University Quarter.

The Christiansborg complex is nowadays home to a number of Government functions.

This square is home to the Royal Theatre and the celebrated department store Magasin du Nord.

The 'new harbour' is famous for its colourful buildings and a host of interesting restaurants and bars.

It is also a departure point for canal and harbour tours.

Situated a short distance from Amalienborg Palace, the Marble Church is an impressive sight.

The royal residence of Amalienborg is actually four separate buildings arranged in a symmetrical pattern.

The soldiers are lifted right off the lid of the proverbial chocolate box!

H C Andersen's Little Mermaid is incredibly difficult to photograph, due to tourists constantly clambering over the rocks, trying to get into the frame!

A little piece of rural England in the heart of the Danish capital : St Alban's Anglican Church.

Christianshavn district

Situated on the other side of the main harbour from the city centre, this district provides a quieter setting for some interesting strolls.


The largely traffic-free village of Dragør is situated on the Zealand coast, to the south of Copenhagen. It requires a bit of time and effort to reach it by public transport, but it is well worth seeing as it gives a fascinating glimpse of what Danish life must have been like prior to the dreaded internal combustion engine.

Base : Scandic

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