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This is: Canada & Mexico 2011


The only significant disruption encountered on this trip was a much-delayed arrival in Quebec City, caused by fog in Toronto.

  DayDateFlight NoFromDepToArrAircraftCabinSeat
1 Fri 13-May U26931 EDI 1820 CGN 2110 319 Y 1F
2 Sat 14-May LH3414 CGN 1830 LHR 1855 319 J 1F
3 Sun 15-May AC869 LHR 0830 YYZ 1130 763 J 1A
  Thu 19-May PD509 YTZ 0830 YQB 1000 Cancelled (fog)
4 Thu 19-May PD513 YTZ 1935 YQB 2105 DH4 Y 12B
5 Fri 20-May PD512 YQB 1730 YTZ 1905 DH4 Y 3A
6 Sat 21-May AC993 YYZ 0820 MEX 1205 319 J 2A
7 Tue 24-May AM2442 MEX 1620 CPE 1800 ER4 Y 7A
8 Sun 29-May AM2441 CPE 1115 MEX 1305 ER4 Y 6A
9 Sun 29-May LH499 MEX 2045 FRA 1440+1 744 J 4D
10 Mon 30-May LH964 FRA 1630 EDI 1725 733 J 2F

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