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This is: South America 2009


1Fri15 May 2009EDI-FRA
2Sat16 May 2009FRA-EZE and settling into Buenos Aires
3Sun17 May 2009Free in Buenos Aires (Microcentro, Café Tortoni, Tribunales, Congreso; San Telmo dinner )
4Mon18 May 2009Day trip to Uruguay : Colonia del Sacramento
5Tue19 May 2009Free in Buenos Aires (Recoleta, Palermo, Retiro, San Telmo)
6Wed20 May 2009AEP-IGR and first sight of Iguassu
7Thu21 May 2009Free at Iguassu (walking the trails and getting up close to the falls)
8Fri22 May 2009Into Brazil, IGU-GRU and arrival in Sao Paulo
9Sat23 May 2009Free in Sao Paulo (exploring the city centre)
10Sun24 May 2009Farewell to Sao Paulo and GRU-
11Mon25 May 2009     -FRA-EDI and home

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