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This is: South America 2009


A mere six flights this time : two in each of First, Business and Economy.

    Day Date Flight No From Dep To Arr Aircraft Cabin Seat
1 Fri 15-May LH4943 EDI 1815 FRA 2110 735 J 3A
2 Sat 16-May LH510 FRA 1020 EZE 1905 744 F 82A
3 Wed 20-May LA4024 AEP 1150 IGR 1334 320 Y 6A
4 Fri 22-May JJ3558 IGU 1315 GRU 1450 320 Y 6F
5 Sun 24-May LH507 GRU 1835 FRA 1050+1 744 F 82A
6 Mon 25-May LH4940 FRA 1220 EDI 1315 733 J 1A

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First Flight

Route Map
(courtesy Great Circle Mapper)