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This is: Round The World 2006-07

Deep in the heart of Texas

The day began aboard my ANC-DFW flight.

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I was most impressed by the airport experience at DFW. The place seemed very clean and spacious and had an air of efficiency. The various terminals were connected by an automated transit system, operating on a one minute frequency in each direction. I transferred to the C terminal and quickly found the Admiral's Club, where I spent time waiting for my next flight.

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San Antonio airport was fairly unremarkable. I was soon aboard a taxi and bound for the Crowne Plaza where, despite my early arrival time, I was delighted to be told that my room was available. This was good news indeed, as I really felt I could be doing with a shower before tackling sight-seeing in the 96F temperature. I was soon ready to hit the streets or, to be more precise, the Riverwalk. San Antonio has done a fantastic job of converting the river and its side canals into a wonderful amenity for locals and tourists alike, featuring walkways, restaurants, tour boats and water taxis. I soon found an excellent restaurant for lunch.

After I'd finished eating, I made my way to the city's other major tourist attraction, The Alamo, site of the famous battle and memorial to the fallen Texas heroes. Next, I made my way round to Hemisfair Park and the Tower of the Americas, resisting the temptation to wilt completely in the stifling heat. I went up to the top of the tower to take in the views, but had a slightly nervous descent when, after a very long wait indeed, the elevator arrived with engineers on board   Safely back on terra firma, I made my way back to the Crowne Plaza, where I snoozed for a couple of hours to make up for the relatively short sleep aboard AA279 the previous night.

As a change from all those room service dinners, I went back to the Riverwalk area and found a very nice seafood place for dinner. As I ate, I reflected on how polite and friendly everyone seemed to be. People tended not to just pass you by; instead you could expect everything from a friendly nod, or a little wave on one occasion, right up to "How're you doin' today, Sir?" I do like this place


The Alamo

Tower of the Americas