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This is: Round The World 2006-07


Before I had even completed my RTW 2004 trip - the one that launched this website to an unsuspecting world! - I knew it would only be a matter of time before I wanted to do another RTW. Having already discovered for myself the amazing flexibility and sheer good value of tickets such as the One World Explorer, it really didn't take much effort at all to persuade myself that buying another one would be a good idea.

Looking back on it, the plan for this RTW - my third - went through many phases, before settling down to its final form. I spent many a long evening in early 2005 thinking through the possibilities for another AONE4, with the key difference from last time that it was likely to be a bit more chunked up into multiple holidays. In the event, however, the three-continent ticket proved to be a much more realistic match to my circumstances, in terms of available free time. I selected Gibraltar as my departure point in this instance. Although not as cheap as Cairo, it still offered a good deal compared to ex-UK and brought advantages such as being easier and quicker to get to, while allowing the classic LHR-DXB-LHR mileage & tier points run in BA First. I almost went ahead with starting the trip in October 2005, but decided at the last minute to hold off until Spring 2006.

As for the chosen route, here are some of the objectives that I wanted to achieve (and believe I did ) :-

  • First time visits to Dubai, Kyoto, Kuala Lumpur and two new US states (Alaska and Oregon)
  • Long overdue return visits to Bangkok (last time 1986), New York (2000), Seattle (1991), Chicago (1991) and Texas (1994)
  • At least three full days in one of my all-time favourite cities, Hong Kong (As it turned out, this was split into two separate visits.)
  • The opportunity to take a relaxing side trip to one of the well-known resort areas of Thailand or Malaysia
  • The ever-welcome chance to fit in a further visit to my favourite American state, California

  ... plus, of course, achieving a high overall mileage, lots of First Class flying, pampering myself with stays at luxurious hotels and keeping myself a BA Gold for at least two more years!

So "All Aboard" for RTW 2006-07