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This is: Round The World 2006-07

... and Anchorage itself

Yet again, I woke up around 7 o'clock and followed the now familiar routine of having continental breakfast in the Club Lounge. Having done a lot of driving during the previous two days, both north and south of the city, I thought it was time to see a little of the city itself. This also fitted in well with my schedule, and indeed with the rather poor weather conditions. I ventured out by about mid-morning, when the rain eased off a bit. I drove down to the part of the city close to the airport and had brief strolls around Earthquake Park and Lake Hood, which is - I think - one of the busiest float-plane bases in the world.

I then returned to the hotel and had some lunch, before packing and checking out. As a recently reinstated SPG Gold, I'd been able to secure a late checkout. After checking out, I left the car in the hotel parking lot and explored the downtown area by foot. In truth, there wasn't that much to see, but I did go into the Museum, which turned out to be really quite interesting.

Eventually, I decided to head back to the airport, abandoning my trusty Toyota Camry in the process. The Alaska Airlines check-in agent was exceptionally polite and was unfazed by my combination of paper ticket to DFW and e-ticket onwards to San Antonio. After passing through Security, I was able to give my new Priority Pass its first workout, gaining me entry to the Alaska Airlines Boardroom lounge.

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