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July 2010: 'Norway in a Nutshell'

No trip to Bergen is complete without getting out of the city itself and seeing some of the most magnificent coastal mountain landscape in the world. I did so by buying a ticket for the day tour known as 'Norway in a Nutshell', a self-guided itinerary made up of a number of connecting journeys by public transport. While the highlight was always going to be the ferry sailing from Gudvangen to Flåm, the surprise runner-up was the bus journey from Voss to Gudvangen, with its hair-raising descent on a narrow road featuring a seemingly never-ending series of hairpin bends.

With the exception of the Flåmsbana line, which intentionally and successfully projected a vintage image, the trains that I used were disappointingly old, tatty and crowded. The Norwegian landscape, on the other hand, fully lived up to expectations.

Bergen - Voss (train)

Voss - Gudvangen (bus)

Gudvangen - Flåm (ferry)

Flåm - Myrdal (train)

Myrdal - Bergen (train)

Caution - Troll Country!

Just as the Irish have their leprechauns, so Norse legends are full of tales of the little people, in this case usually with a decidedly dark side to their character.

Base: Grand Hotel Terminus, Bergen

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