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February 2008 : Western Puerto Rico

Considering that I'd had the inclination to visit Puerto Rico since I watched a TV programme in the late 1980s, you could say that this trip was a very long time in the making. All the more reason to be happy that a realistic opportunity arose in the shape of a FlyerTalk Do! Not only that, but with our host aviationkiwi being a knowledgeable native of the island, our small Do group was able to see a much more comprehensive, and arguably more representative, selection of sights. So a long time in coming, yes, but well worth waiting for!


Our base outside San Juan was the town of Mayaguez, which has an attractive main square.

Cabo Rojo

A short drive from Mayaguez is the district of Cabo Rojo, which has some truly spectacular coastal scenery.

San German

Last stop before lunch was the colourful town of San German, home to Puerto Rico's oldest church (now a museum).

Enjoying the coast

After an extremely hearty Puerto Rican-style lunch of two-inch thick pork chops, we made a couple of coastal stops to take in the views and to have a little boat trip, featuring iguanas and dropping in on a partly-submerged party!



Sunday was a quieter day, given over mostly to driving. Another coastal stop, at the site of a disused railway tunnel, seemed in order to break the long journey from Mayaguez back to San Juan.

Puerto Rico is, of course, home to the world's most popular distilled spirit, so a visit was all but inevitable

Base : Best Western, Mayaguez

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