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April 2007 : Toulouse 'Airbus' Do

I was delighted to be able to take part in the Toulouse 'Airbus' Do 2007, part of the Tour de France series of Flyertalk get-togethers organised by chrissxb.


I only had a couple of hours available to explore Toulouse itself, before the organised events got underway just after lunchtime.

Airbus Tour

The first of two main highlights of the trip was an organised tour of the extensive Airbus factory, where we were able to see a number of A380 double-deckers being built and, at a distance, some of the weird A300-based 'Beluga' transporters used to ferry in the larger components. We also made a visit to the Concorde prototype, which is preserved on-site. Due to strict corporate security policies, photography was not permitted.  

Chateau Launac

This being a Tour de France do, there was also a strong gastronomic theme to the occasion! The second highlight of the day was an excursion to Chateau Launac, where the combination of beautiful surroundings, excellent company, ideal weather and outstanding catering made for a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable evening. The final photo shows the Capitole when we returned at about 1am.

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