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December 2006 : Flight Log : BA2653

Salzburg (SZG) - London Gatwick (LGW)

After walking the short distance across the tarmac, I was once again able to take up residence in 1F. Our group had a very impressive 24 people on board and no fewer than nine rows were allocated to Club Europe. The engines were started at 1235, no pushback being required at SZG. Nor did we move forwards - instead, we seemed to move to the right, the turning circle being almost reminiscent of a black cab. It was a short taxi (ha! ) and we were airborne by 1241.

Hot towels were distributed as soon as the seat belt signs were switched off and on this occasion there was a drinks and nibbles service prior to the meal. Another chance to sample the Monopole! Lunch itself was an exact repeat of what I had two months previously coming home from the Vilnius Do. Absolutely no complaint, however - the lamb casserole was once again delicious.

The flight seemed to pass all too quickly and in no time at all we were on the approach into LGW, arriving at a commendably early 1328.

Date: Sun 03 Dec 2006
Aircraft : B737-400
Scheduled dep : 1235
Actual departure : 1237
Scheduled arrival : 1345
Actual arrival : 1328
Cabin : Club Europe (Business Class)
Seat : 1F

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