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December 2006 : Flight Log : BA2652

London Gatwick (LGW) - Salzburg (SZG)

After a delay of roughly half an hour to allow fog to clear at Salzburg, we eventually got to board our flight on Day 2 of the new route. Needless to say, the Club Europe cabin was impressively large for an ex-Gatwick flight! We pushed back from Gate 104 at 0928 and the crew wasted no time in distributing hot towels. We seemed to get fast-tracked to the runway and managed an impressive 0940 take off in a westerly direction. The seat belts stayed on for quite some time and indeed the crew were not released from their seats until the signs had been switched off.

Once the service got underway, we were served with the ever-welcome hot breakfast, accompanied by some fruit, a selection of rolls and pastries, tea and coffee and - of course - Champagne! The Captain announced that we were making good progress and confirmed that we would definitely be landing in Salzburg - it seems that a diversion to Munich was never completely out of the question. That certainly wouldn't have been ideal on such a short visit!

It was an impressive approach into SZG and we touched down at 1211, making it onto stand by 1215. Not bad at all considering the delay at Gatwick!

Date: Sat 02 Dec 2006
Aircraft : B737-400
Scheduled dep : 0855
Actual departure : 0928
Scheduled arrival : 1200
Actual arrival : 1215
Cabin : Club Europe (Business Class)
Seat : 1F

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