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August 2005 : Prague

It had been fully a decade since my previous, highly enjoyable visit to the Czech capital and I was anxious to return in order to reacquaint myself with the city. I had heard that it had gone downhill somewhat, the combination of budget airlines and cheap and plentiful local beer making it a prime destination for stag weekends and the like. While an element of that was present, it really didn't even begin to detract from the charms of such a beautiful and increasingly thriving city. Of course, being based at the InterContinental did offer a certain immunity from any of the less desirable innovations

The city centre is divided into four main districts : the Castle District and so-called Lesser Quarter on one side of the Vltava, and the Old and New Town areas on the other riverbank. I only had time to visit three of the districts on this trip.  

Old Town

The old Jewish town hall, complete with conventional and backward-running clocks, is a short distance from the InterContinental Hotel.

The Tyn Church's twin spires rise, seemingly from an uncertain origin, to dominate the square.

The St Nicholas Church provides another ecclesiastical highlight in the old Town Square

Old Town Hall Tower

The famous Astronomical Clock is located on the wall of the Old Town Hall.

St Nicholas Church, as seen from the tower of the Old Town Hall

Powder Tower

As I started to head for Charles Bridge, I couldn't resist this view of both the Tyn Church and the Old Town Hall.

Just wandering through the back streets of the Old Town is an experience in itself.

Lesser Quarter

St Nicholas Church - yes, another one - in this case, the Lesser Quarter version. Er ... what's that in the lower left corner?

St Thomas Church - tucked into a quiet, narrow lane. I nearly missed it.

Is this another city wth a Bridge of Sighs?

St Nicholas Church again, this time with a touring vintage tram        

Castle District

Castle District skyline, from just in front of the IC Hotel

A historic place of pilgrimage, the Loreta is probably most famous for its Treasury. The buildings themselves are fabulous, but sadly no photos are allowed once inside the complex.

Castle entrance,  in the immediate aftermath of the 12 noon Changing of the Guard ceremony.

Just a detail of St Vitus Cathedral. The building is huge and closely hemmed in by the other castle buildings, making photography very difficult.

St George's Basilica is situated behind the cathedral

St Vitus Cathedral - a rather scary detail!

Castle courtyard The castle at nightfall from the Charles Bridge, the most famous crossing over the Vltava.    

Base : InterContinental

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