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August 2005 : Flight Log : BA8858

Barra (BRR) - Glasgow (GLA)

For the return flight, I managed to grab 7A, with Greg in 7C and Robin - who was returning to London so he could work on Bank Holiday Sunday - in 5B. Once again, Rebecca gave the safety demo and very soon we were accelerating down one of the beach's three designated runways, lifting smoothly and again very rapidly into the clean Hebridean air.

Due to the thickness of the cloud cover, we flew a bit higher than usual this time. Our route took us across the northern tip of Coll and across Mull, on a parallel course with the Sound of Mull. There was no in-flight beverage service in this direction and, in any case, there had been more than enough of that on the ground! Greg passed the time by drawing an impromptu seating plan of the Twotter. I had a few good views of the Sound of Mull through gaps in the cloud and of Oban when we passed by. We overflew Inveraray and the quaintly named Rest and be Thankful pass, before heading towards the Erskine Bridge and a neat U-turn to allow us to land on the westerly runway at GLA, arriving comfortably ahead of schedule at 1649.

About to board the Twotter once again


Bye-bye Barra ... until next time!

Cabin view

Looks like I managed to find the first-class seat!

Greg decided that the cabin layout should be recorded for posterity in the style of Seat Expert / Seat Guru!

The Sound of Mull, with two Calmac ferries in evidence

Oban, through the clouds

The sight of the Erskine Bridge signalled that we were nearly back at Glasgow

Date: Sat 27 Aug 2005
Aircraft : De Havilland Twin Otter
Scheduled dep : 1555
Actual departure : 1554
Scheduled arrival : 1700
Actual arrival : 1649
Cabin : Economy
Seat : 7A

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