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This is: USA Road Trip 2011

Hotel 6 and 8

Holiday Inn Express Page / Lake Powell, Page

I found this property mildly disappointing after my recent Hampton Inn stays. Although pitched around roughly the same level, the execution just wasn't as impressive. Specifically, the decor and furniture were comparatively cheap-looking while, more annoyingly, the standard of sound-proofing was very poor. Extraneous noise was an issue during the evening and first thing in the morning, but tended not to be a problem during most of the night, as most people travelling in this part of world adopt an 'early to bed, early to rise' routine, if only to avoid the worst of the daytime heat.

I was given a little pack of bottled water and some snacks in recognition of my Priority Club platinum status.

  First stay
Second stay


First Stay

In: Fri 02 Sep 2011
Out: Sat 03 Sep 2011
Nights: 1
Room: 311 (King)

Second Stay

In: Sun 04 Sep 2011
Out: Mon 05 Sep 2011
Nights: 1
Room: 310 (Twin Queens)

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