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This is: USA Road Trip 2011


This trip revived a type of holiday that I had enjoyed on many occasions in the past, but which seemed to have declined in importance somewhat since I took to flying so much. I decided to base this comeback on the states of Utah and Arizona, combining a few previously visited destinations (for example Salt Lake City (1985), Grand Canyon (1987) and Moab (2000)) with plenty of virgin territory (Bryce Canyon, Lake Powell, Monument Valley and much more). Also featured is a final weekend in San Diego and, quite out of character with those classic road trips from my past, first-class transatlantic crossings with both Lufthansa and British Airways.

This was a highly successful and hugely enjoyable journey, proving once again that driving through the wide open spaces of the American west - and in particular, the national and state parks - can be one of the most rewarding travel experiences available. To those who have never done it: what are you waiting for? Perhaps this account will help spark your imagination and get you planning.

For the first time I've recorded every step of the way using embedded Google maps, so please enjoy nearly 2000 miles' worth of some of the most amazing landscapes on earth.