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This is: Spring Fever 2008

Hotel 9

InterContinental Regency, Bahrain

A nice IC and, as the Regency, a Bahrain institution. It has a poor external appearance, but this changes the moment you walk through the front door. Having said that, there were some interior examples I can think of where a lick of fresh paint wouldn't have gone amiss. It seems I had one of the best suites. Several times when I quoted the room number, it caused a reaction, including in one case : "Oh, Sir, very special room. Last time occupied, top VIP!" I was pleased with it, but to be honest, it certainly wasn't the best I've had in the course of my travels, or even on the current trip!

One negative point : smoking is still very much part of the culture in Bahrain and some 90% of the Club Lounge was a designated smoking area

In : Mon 21 Apr 2008
Out : Wed 23 Apr 2008
Nights : 2
Room : 825 (King Club Suite)

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