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This is: Spring Fever 2008


What exactly is this Spring Fever, then?

Well, it's what you get when, because of circumstances, three originally independent trips end up being rescheduled, slightly modified and strung together to form 4-5 weeks of fairly solid travelling. So we have :-

  • a sweep through Eastern France, taking in Paris, the Champagne region and Strasbourg;
  • a New-Year Middle East jaunt that wound up in the middle of April; and
  • a final, first-class fling to the Caribbean, taking in one of the quietest and most exclusive islands.

Are there any side-effects?

Most definitely. Look out for a first encounter with Heathrow Terminal 5, first experience of Lufthansa long-haul, five new airlines, four new countries, first ride on a French TGV, a couple of status renewals / enhancements, multiple guest appearances by fellow frequent-flyers and a stay at one of the Leading Hotels of the World. Severe cases are often marked by an ever-increasing interest in expensive, bubbly drinks. Finally, you should also be aware that the odd short hop in Economy, while essentially harmless, has been known to cause irritation in some sufferers

And is the fever contagious?

I do hope so!

What should I do if I catch it?

Fetch yourself the beverage of your choice, settle down, fasten your imaginary seatbelt and keep reading ...