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This is: Spring Fever 2008

Exploring Bridgetown

I knew on waking up that my cold was as bad as ever, but I was determined not to let two visits to Barbados go by without seeing a little of the island's capital, Bridgetown. After taking breakfast in the Executive Lounge, we caught a taxi into the centre of town, picking the Parliament building as a reasonable place to begin exploring. Although it wasn't possible to see either of the parliamentary chambers, the building did have an interesting exhibition on the country's political history. Once we'd been round that, we had a walk around the city centre and made our way to the little Anglican cathedral which, in a low-profile sort of way, was an oasis of coolness and calm in the midday tropical heat.

From one faith to another : our next stop was the synagogue and the fascinating museum of Jewish history. I didn't even know that Barbados had any Jewish history of note, let alone appreciate that most New York Jews can trace their ancestry to the island! After brushing up on our knowledge of such matters, we realised it was time for lunch and made for a popular American-style diner on the waterfront. I enjoyed lunch, but at the same time felt that my tiresome cold wasn't exactly getting any better

Back at the Hilton, Bruce decided to hit the beach for a couple of hours while I decided just to relax and doze on top of my bed in an effort to speed recovery. When the time came, we once again visited the lounge for Happy Hour, but abandoned the original plan of dining in a local restaurant in favour of room service.

Friday 09 May

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