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Hotel 10

InterContinental Grand Stanford, Hong Kong

With the benefit of experience, I would advise anyone weighing up the two ICs in Hong Kong to opt for the other one. This is no doubt influenced in part by the fact that I was given the minimum possible upgrade under the rules. Location is also a factor, however. The two hotels are probably only a 15-minute walk apart, yet it's enough to make a difference. Whereas the other IC is right at the most tourist-friendly part of the Kowloon waterfront, the Grand Stanford is adjacent to an unattractive (and little used) ferry pier, and some container-handling docks. Not ideal.

Although I wouldn't want to overplay how far out it is, I couldn't help noticing that, in terms of the Island coastline opposite, the Grand Stanford is actually past the Excelsior in Causeway Bay, which itself is 3 MTR stops from Central.

In : Sun 30 Apr 2006
Out : Wed 03 May 2006
Nights : 3
Room : 735 (King Bed Executive)

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