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A Star finale

I woke up with the alarm, having had several hours of sound sleep, then a couple of jet-lag inspired hours more awake than asleep, followed by another two hours fast asleep! I wandered to a nearby Starbucks for breakfast and returned during a shower. It was at that point I decided that I was taking a cab to Paddington. I checked out of the hotel and caught a cab, the driver of which made clear his displeasure at not landing a juicier fare. Luck of the draw, mate - get over it!

A quick journey on the HEX and I was soon checking in for my Star Alliance bmi flight to Edinburgh. Why not BA? Well, anyone casting a knowledgeable eye over my itinerary should be able to work that one out   Domestic Security was unusually quiet and I was soon settling into the spacious Diamond Club Lounge, where I spent the time mostly reading. Soon enough, it was time to walk the short distance to Gate 8 and board the Embraer - the first time I'd done LHR-EDI in such a small aircraft.

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On arrival at EDI, everything came together perfectly. By the time I got to the carousel, my luggage was just appearing. I walked outside and the shuttle bus to the car park drew up. I got on, and the driver was instructed by radio to leave immediately, with just me on board. What an amazing run of good luck! I picked up my car and had an uneventful journey home.

And so, another major trip comes to an end, nearly 11 months after it all started. To anyone who's been following my progress, I hope it's been fun. I can assure you it has for me  

Saturday 03 Mar

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