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Relaxation Rules, OK?

Well, now, my two days in Phuket (pronounced, in case anyone is in any doubt, poo-KETT ) were always intended for doing not very much of anything. Although charging around and seeing the sights as independently as possible is my usual style, there comes a point in any long trip when it's time to unwind a bit, and this was that opportunity. I spent the day simply enjoying the hotel's facilities - both the public areas and my own room, with its roof-top patio. I had breakfast and lunch at the Pacifico restaurant, but opted for a room service dinner.

The furthest I reached all day was Karon Beach, which is just across the road from the hotel's back entrance! I came across a couple of tsunami warning signs, which provided a stark reminder of the catastrophic devastation that was inflicted on this part of the world on 26 December 2004. I felt happy to be visiting the area now that a decent interval had passed. Having suffered so much already, the last thing the local people need is economic collapse caused by tourists staying away.

Friday 28 Apr

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