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This is: Round The World 2004

Last stop : Barbados

I had set the alarm at a suitable time to allow me to pack and check out of the hotel in good time for my shuttle van, which had been pre-booked for 1025. As I went out for breakfast, I noted that partial cloud cover and a brisk breeze meant that weather conditions were not as favourable as they had been over the weekend. But then, I rarely mind seeing the weather go downhill on the day I'm leaving   Not that it was at all bad, you understand. When the shuttle van turned up at 1030, it was the same driver that had brought me to my hotel a couple of days previously. As the van was going to be busy, I asked to sit up front. Half an hour later, we were still touring the French Quarter, picking up more passengers

Actually, it made no difference, for I knew that there was no Admiral's Club at MSY. I checked in and spent some time sitting in the gate area before being called for boarding.

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On arrival at MIA, I quickly became aware that this is a vast airport. Furthermore, I had arrived at an A gate and would be leaving from E-something. I would have to get moving. Still, the brisk walk would do me good on a day of spectacular inactivity. After at least 15 minutes of walking, some on moving walkways, and going up and down escalators, I arrived at the Admiral's Club and thought I would risk a quick 10-minute visit. I just had time for a quick look around and to check my various e-mail accounts using webmail, then it was onwards towards the gate, with the help of a train!

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So here I was at the last stop in my RTW adventure, destination 20 out of 20 and a new first for me : first time in Barbados and indeed in the Caribbean. The first thing I noticed about Barbados was that they drive on the left, which means that the USA was the only aberration on this entire trip   I had no trouble at all clearing immigration and customs and was soon aboard a taxi bound for my final hotel. When I arrived, the first potentially major hitch of the trip happened. The hotel claimed that they had no record of my reservation, even though I had a printout showing the confirmation from Expedia. Somehow I got the impression that things might be a bit chaotic here. They were very good about it, but as there was only one room free, it shows how close I came to being in greater difficulty. The spare room was one of their apartments, which is not what I'd reserved, but they let me have it at the agreed rate. However I would have to move in the morning to a 'studio' (what I'd booked) when one became free.

I just took it all in my stride - no sense in getting worked up about these things. After all, they were honouring my confirmation and I was spending one night in more expensive accommodation. Why complain?