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This is: Round The World 2004

Flight Log 19 : AA1432

New Orleans (MSY) - Miami (MIA)

I was second to board on this occasion and made my way to 5F for a pre-takeoff glass of apple juice. The mystery of the Boeing Super 80 has been solved, mainly thanks to one of the visitors to this website. The designation is an AA-ism and doesn't exist anywhere else. The confusion was deepened by a little plate near the doorway, proclaiming the aircraft to be a 'More Room MD80'. We left slightly ahead of schedule at 1251 and took off at 1259, from Runway 10.

I had asked at check-in if there was any food served on the flight and had been told no. (It was a first class / business check-in, so the agent should have been thinking of the F cabin.) I even bought a couple of snacks out of a machine at the airport so that I would be prepared. Once again, a pleasant surprise awaited. A rather nice cold lunch was served, which reminded me of offerings on relatively short Club Europe runs such as FRA-LHR. The choice was poached salmon with Chinese vegetables or chicken strips with a Mediterranean pasta salad. I had the chicken, and very good it was too.

After crossing the Gulf coast of Florida near Fort Myers, we were soon making an absolutely spectacular approach into MIA for a 1528 touchdown and a 1547 arrival. The delay in getting to the gate was caused by another AA S80 / MD80 blocking our stand. The adjacent stand sat empty all the while ...

Date: Mon 05 Apr 2004
Aircraft : Boeing Super 80
Scheduled dep : 1255
Actual departure : 1251
Scheduled arrival : 1547
Actual arrival : 1547
Cabin : First
Seat : 5F

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