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This is: Round The World 2004

Busy doing nothing

Having spent the last five and a half weeks charging around furiously on my route around the world, part of my idea in coming here at the end was just to do nothing but relax for a couple of days before going home. (OK, so the massive diversion from Boston to the UK via New Orleans and Barbados was also a little mileage run ) Although Barbados was a brand new destination for me, I had no sight-seeing ambitions at all. I really just wanted to spend a couple of days chilling out - the sort of thing a lot of people do for two weeks at a time when they go on holiday.

And I'll admit, it doesn't come particularly easily to me. I like exploring cities and other areas independently. I like having all the facilities - the infrastructure, if you will - of city life at my disposal. I get bored very quickly just lying on a beach or by a pool. But I reckoned I could cope with - indeed deserved - two days' worth of complete rest and relaxation in six weeks of non-stop travelling.

Even my camera was having a rest, so be prepared for two not-very-interesting diary entries :-

Morning Breakfast (Bacon & Eggs)
  Moving to new room
Afternoon Light lunch (snacks)
Evening Freshen up
  Dinner (Chicken satay; Thai-style king prawns and noodles)

Tuesday 06 Apr

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