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This is: Round The World 2004

Still busy doing nothing

I woke up to another glorious day in Barbados, even though there had been a shower towards the end of dinner the previous evening. There was a big difference from the previous day : a large group of Brits, who were here in connection with some cricket event, were leaving for Antigua, with the effect that the hotel became near-deserted! Funnily enough, it had the effect of making me feel much more at ease. The previous day, for the first time in nearly six weeks, I had been very conscious of being on my own. Now, as before, it just wasn't a factor any more. Also, with such an overwhelming British presence the previous day, I felt I was much closer to home than I really was - it had been like somewhere in the Med. The photos show just how quiet it had now become (taken mid-afternoon!)

Morning Breakfast (Ham & Cheese Omelette)
  Reading / Writing diary / Reviewing trip photos
Afternoon Light lunch (snacks)
Evening Freshen up
  Dinner (Steak)

(You can't really tell from the picture, but Photo 5 is a BA 777 approaching BGI)

Wed 07 Apr

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