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This is: Round Ireland (2016-20)


A few years ago, I had the pleasure of reading Tony Hawks' excellent book Round Ireland with a Fridge, one of the most engaging and entertaining travel books I have ever come across. It's the story of a feat undertaken by the author as a result of accepting a bet during a night at the pub, whereby he committed to hitchhiking round the coast of Ireland within a month, with a refrigerator in tow.

While I had no desire to try to emulate the precise details of his trip, and no conceivable wish to do it under the same constraints, I enjoyed the read so much that a seed was planted in my imagination. Forget thumbing a lift, forget the pressure applied by a ticking clock, and most of all, forget large kitchen appliances; I simply wanted to execute my own idea of a grand, circular tour of the island of Ireland. While coastal scenery would obviously feature heavily, I wasn't prepared to commit to a fanatical attempt to trace the shoreline as closely as available roads would allow - and I don't think Tony Hawks did that either. I was happy enough with the concept of a round trip (Dublin to Dublin) where the route, for the most part, followed the overall shape of the island.  

A further key difference was that, for my own convenience, I saw the journey being split into three distinct chunks, so that I could return home on completion of the first two sections and later pick up where I had left off. Thus we have:

  PART 1: Dublin - Shannon PART 2: Shannon - Donegal PART 3: Donegal - Dublin  
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