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This is: Quebec to Florida, by Sea (2019)

Heading for Sydney - the other one

It was a full day at sea, en route from Quebec City to Sydney, Nova Scotia. We once again had breakfast at the International Café, which today was exceptionally busy. I had a surprise when we were nearly finished: former colleague Ewan came over to say hello, having spotted me earlier when I was trying to find a couple of empty seats.

After returning to the cabin to shower, we made our way to Skywalkers Lounge, situated above the stern and easily the highest passenger facility on board. We spent the remainder of the morning there, first booking a couple of tickets and then I caught up on my trip notes, following our busy day in Quebec City. It was mostly grey outside, but then it brightened up beautifully around lunchtime. We had lunch at the buffet, which again confirmed that there had been a positive step-change in the quality of the offering.

I had one essential task to do after lunch: ironing my currently no-so-smart trousers for tonight's formal night, the first of two on this cruise. After getting that out of the way and enjoying a bit of chill-time in the room, we made a tour of the ship to take photos in the stong sunshine. After that, we repeated Thursday's 'welcome aboard' celebration by having Bloody Caesars in the Wheelhouse Bar - if an excuse was needed, we were still very definitely in Canada!

Later, we got dressed for formal night. Our evening started with Elite drinkies (for status passengers only - just as well I was with Bruce!), which brought our second visit of the day to Skywalkers Lounge. This was followed by an excellent Italian dinner at Sabatini's. Ewan and his wife were there as well - two meetings in one day, after a gap of seven years!

Saturday 26 Oct

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