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May 2019: SW England


The coastal town of Portishead (population 25,000) lies nine miles west and a little north of Bristol, in Somerset. An old-established fishing port, the town went through a few decades of industrialisation in the twentieth century. The heavy industry has now gone and the former docks have been converted into an attractive marina featuring a mix of housing types. Today, Portishead is principally a commuter town for Bristol.


The seaside town of Weston-super-Mare (population 76,000) is situated 18 miles southwest of Bristol, just below the point where the Severn Estuary officially becomes the Bristol Channel. Considering how sad many former resorts look nowadays, I was surprised to find that on my first visit, I developed something of a liking for the place. Even so, little did I realise that I would return within three months!



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