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2018: London

While London doesn't top my list of favourite cities, it is easily my most visited destination outside my native Scotland. I have maintained a pattern of multiple visits per year throughout pretty much my entire adult life. There is no mystery here: my apparent infatuation stems first and foremost from the UK capital's undoubted attractions and cosmopolitan buzz; add into the mix the city's sheer scale and its ease of accessibility from most other parts of the kingdom, and the proposition rapidly becomes irresistible. Furthermore, I have never known London to be boring: after forty years of regular visits, there are still sights that I have yet to see. And the city's wide-ranging cultural scene contains a sufficient degree of changing elements to keep it an ever-reliable source of entertainment and fulfilment. As Samuel Johnson famously said in the 18th century: When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.

My 2018 visits - or at least, the ones where I took photographs - were as follows:

  January Mithraeum, Postal Museum & Mail Rail, St Katharine Docks  
  May Hyde Park Corner - Westminster - Trafalgar Square  
  June Grosvenor Square, Marble Arch, Piccadilly  
  December Lower Regent Street at night  


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