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Sep 2017: Iceland

3 - Reykjavik

We ended our first Icelandic adventure with a 2-night stay in Reykjavik, the world's most northerly capital of a sovereign state. We were based at the very stylish Canopy by Hilton hotel, situated right in the heart of the city centre. Following a late-afternoon arrival on Friday, we had all of Saturday available for sightseeing, before heading back to Keflavik airport on Sunday morning. The weather on Saturday was initially quite poor, but this did not prevent us from having a good time getting to know a new and interesting city.

ABOVE: Our full day in Reykjavik began with a visit to one of the city's most distinguished landmarks: Harpa, a stunning concert and conference venue dating from 2011. We took a tour of the building, during which we learned about the venue's sophisticated design features and technology, which allow it to be adapted to the different requirements of various musical genres.
BELOW (left to right): 1-2: Icelandic Parliament, in Parliament Square 3: Lutheran cathedral 4-6: Roman Catholic cathedral
BELOW: The weather showed signs of improvement after midday. The first three photos in the initial group of four show City Hall, a historic school building and the Prime Minister's office.
RIGHT: Eclipsing both cathedrals, Hallgrímskirkja is a far-from-ordinary Lutheran parish church.
BELOW: A little bit of afternoon sunshine highlighted the colourful character of some of the buildings.

Base: Canopy by Hilton, which turned out to be a very convenient and stylish choice.

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