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Spring 2014: London

This brief photo report has been compiled from pictures taken during two separate weekends in London, at the end of March 2014 and again three weeks later.


Once a separate village lying outside the UK capital, Highgate is now a well-to-do part of North London with an impressive hilltop location. The area's best-known feature is Highgate Cemetery, actually two properties separated by a public road, which together form the final resting place of a number of prominent historical figures and former celebrities. Once a fashionable burial place for aspiring Victorians, the cemetery fell into a state of severe disrepair during the 1980s. It is currently being managed (in a somewhat overgrown condition) by a charitable trust and is unlikely ever to return to its original, manicured state. 

Tate Britain

Tate Britain, as it has become known in the 21st century, is a renowned art gallery situated by the Thames, a 10-15 minute walk upriver from the Palace of Westminster. Surprisingly, given that short breaks in London have been a regular feature of my life for well over 30 years, this was my first visit. The gallery specialises in British art - the clue is in the current name! - and it is one of a small network of 'Tates' scattered around England.

Greenwich revisited

Greenwich is one of my favourite parts of London and as such, any chance to reacquaint myself with its various points of interest is always welcome.

Based at:
DoubleTree Westminster (March)
Hilton Canary Wharf (April)