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January 2011: Paris

This trip had similarities to the previous year's jaunt to Stratford upon Avon in that I was taking part along with a group of fellow frequent-flyers, yet I was the only member of the group for whom the weekend involved actually getting on a plane. I flew down to London, joined the others on the Eurostar service to Paris and flew back to Scotland on my own.


Saturday's explorations centred on the Louvre, where less than ideal weather conditions had little impact.


Sunday morning was bright, clear and a little chilly - good conditions in which to work up an appetite for lunch by walking and sight-seeing.


This trip gave me my first experience of using the Channel Tunnel, nearly 17 years after it opened. With the benefit of the new High Speed 1 link on the English side, the non-stop Eurostar service took just 2hrs 17mins from London St Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord.

Base: Crowne Plaza Republique