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October 2009 : Cairo

Following the success of our Krakow weekend in May 2009, friends Andrew, Stephen, Justin, Michael, Ross, Mark F, Paul and I arranged this weekend in Cairo and were delighted to be subsequently joined by Mark D and Rob. With all of the travel taking place on Friday and Monday, we had two full days available for sight-seeing purposes. I think I can safely say that we made full use of the time, with a well designed programme that combined guided tours of the major outdoor sights and the unique Egyptian Museum, with activities such as camel riding, a sunset felucca cruise (see panel) and an opportunity to relax and enjoy the hotel's facilities.

The organised approach proved to be a winner: I accomplished much more than on my two previous, independent visits. The timing also turned out to be perfect, temperatures for the most part being comfortably warm rather than oppressively hot.


The most famous sights were, of course, virtually on our doorstep. The Giza area is home to the three world-famous pyramids and the mysterious Sphinx, as well as the less well known Boat Museum.


About 25 miles south of Cairo are two well-preserved pyramids that attract mercifully small numbers of visitors: the Bent Pyramid (so called because of a marked change in the angle of inclination) and the Red Pyramid (which we were able to enter via a long, narrow, sloping passageway).


A short distance from Dashur, near the ancient capital of Memphis, lies the huge burial complex of Sakkara, the highlight of which is the Step Pyramid. 

Felucca Cruise

After a guided tour of the Egyptian Museum on Sunday afternoon, a sunset felucca cruise on the Nile was scheduled as a nice way to unwind. Unfortunately, we found ourselves totally becalmed, so it was a case of rowing out into the river, staying put to watch the setting sun and then rowing back again - still a pleasant way to end the afternoon!

Base : Mena House Oberoi, Giza